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Youth ACT (Advisory Council Team)

What is Youth ACT?

Youth A.C.T. was created to give youth input into the programs and education campaigns of the Human Relations Commission. Members gain an education in interpersonal and peace building skills, the creation of safer schools and communities, and the prevention of hate-related violence and discrimination. Members then work together to implement projects that aim to foster respect, tolerance, and cultural understanding and to address discrimination, intergroup violence and inequities in their communities and schools.

Some Youth ACT projects have included the production of a CD of anti-discrimination songs members wrote and a CD release party where they performed their songs for their peers and several LA-based youth groups. Youth ACT members have also provided valuable focus group input on the development of anti-discrimination ads and public service announcements created in collaboration with Rock the Vote. Both projects aim to inspire L.A. County youth to stand up against discrimination, racism and oppression when they see it. Youth ACT members also teach anti-discrimination workshops in schools and at youth conferences.

Who Are Youth ACT?

The selection process for Youth ACT members ensures that the 20 person team is representative of the diversity of Los Angeles County: racially, ethnically, culturally, religiously, socio-economically, gender and ability wise, and geographically. Youth from the vast array of Los Angeles communities, from wealthy ones to those that are economically distressed, work together on mutually-agreed upon projects and learn about each other, and to respect one another in the process.

When is Youth ACT?

Members meet together at Commission headquarters in downtown Los Angeles once a month for four hours, and in sub-committees at other times during the month to produce their projects.

What is the Commission on Human Relations?

The Los Angeles Human Relations Commission is one of the oldest and largest agencies of its kind in the United States. The Commission works to foster harmonious and equitable inter-group relations, empower communities and institutions, engage in non-violent conflict resolution and promote an informed and inclusive multicultural society. Youth ACT is part of the Commission's Zerohour Youth Initiative that seeks to utilize mass media to engage youth in promoting safer and healthier L.A. County schools and communities, and in expanding institutionalized programs that provide youth with the knowledge, skills and tools to foster respect, tolerance, cultural understanding and hate prevention.


What Members Have to Say about Youth ACT

Youth ACT Members

Confessions of the Discriminated CD

Youth ACT Workshops

Youth ACT Application [pdf]

Youth ACT Press Release [pdf]

CD Release Press Release [pdf]

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