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  • "Building the Community through Civic Organizing"
        Senior Consultant Tony Massengale

    Mr. Massengale asserts that the human relations paradigm for the 21st Century is one in which the new playing field for tried and true community organizing principles is our government institutions. According to this paradigm, leaders steeped in the tradition of social justice, labor and community organizing are being increasingly integrated into educational and civic institutions. He asserts that his is exactly what is needed to transform our public institutions so that they can better understand and meet the needs of the communities they are meant to serve.

  • "Creating Safe and Inclusive Schools"
        Cherylynn Hoff, Senior InterGroup Relations Consultant

    Ms. Hoff explores human relations best practices in reducing bias-related violence, empowering youth leaders to resolve conflicts and create inclusive campuses, and enforce federal and state mandates that require safe learning environments for our youth.

    Ms. Hoff can also speak about the Commission's "zerohour" program at six high schools in Los Angeles County that develop a model human relations schools in each supervisorial district with human relations culture embedded within a school community and involving all key stakeholders - students, teachers, parents and administrators - as an alternative to one-time crisis response efforts in stemming school violence.

  • "Tracking and Preventing Hate Violence"
        Senior Consultant, Marshall Wong

    Mr. Wong can present information on "Tracking and Preventing Hate Violence." He has profound insight into hate crimes via statewide and local statistics and how gathering such data can assist statewide human relations commissions in garnering resources and in partnering with law enforcement, schools, and communities to prevent violence motivated by prejudice.

  • "Working Effectively with Immigrant Newcomers"

    Senior Consultants Marshall Wong, Gustavo Vasquez, and Lisa Hart present a curriculum that is designed to better equip service providers with:
      - Skills, knowledge, and confidence to better address and better serve the needs of Southern California's rapidly changing public.
      - Increased understanding of the nuances of cross-cultural communication, both verbal and non-verbal.
      - Greater appreciation for the diverse cultures and communities of the Southland.
    The training was originally developed for employees of the L.A. County Department of Social Services (DPSS). Thousands of DPSS employees have received this training and their evaluation and test scores have documented significant gains in both their knowledge and skills.


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