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Network Against Hate Crime

The Network's Mission

Established in 1984 by the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations, the Network Against Hate Crime (The Network) brings together law enforcement agencies, human relations organizations, educators, faith communities, social service and advocacy groups and concerned individuals to coordinate efforts to combat hate crime.

Network Activities

The Network meets quarterly to share information and resources, track legislation and sponsor educational activities about preventing, investigating, prosecuting and responding to hate activity. The Network also promotes events that bring together diverse communities in public displays of opposition to hate crime, such as candle-light vigils that were held in memory of the victims of white supremacist shooting sprees in the Midwest and in the North San Fernando Valley in 1999. Network members have also participated in countywide community summits on hate crime.

The Reality of Hate Crime

As the overall rate of crime has declined, reports of hate crime in Los Angeles County have grown. Although it is true that hate crime in our region is fueled by rapidly changing demographics, perceived and real competition for scarce resources, divisive public controversies and racialized youth gang activity, the increase in the number of hate crimes reported is due, in part, to a combination of factors at the root of the work of the Network Against Hate Crime, including:

• Improved police training and standardized reporting systems
• Greater awareness on the part of victims as to how and why to report hate crime
• Growth in collaboration and information sharing among police, community group
• Governmental agencies that encourage greater reporting


Network Member Organizations


• Dispute Resolution
• John Anson Ford Awards
• Network Against Hate Crime