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Our Programs & Projects

The programs and projects of the L.A. County Commission on Human Relations are designed to meet the needs of cities and residents in addressing intergroup tensions and in promoting communities that are respectful and inclusive of all its citizens. The Commission seeks to improve human relations by working to transfer prejudice into acceptance, inequity into justice, and hostility into peace. Our work addresses three primary program strategic priorities: engaging youth in social justice leadership, increasing the equity of criminal justice systems, and strengthening hate crime prevention and response.

Engaging Youth in Social Justice Leadership

In our endeavor to transform prejudice into acceptance we equip youth with values, knowledge, skills, and confidence to lead in establishing and maintaining justice in their communities.

LACCHR staff trains and coaches staff of schools and other youth-serving organizations to create and implement customized strategies for preparing youth for and involving them in justice action.

Annual Youth Conference

Annual Youth Retreat

Youth Coalition

Diversity Day

Parks After Dark (PAD) Youth Development Project

Increasing the Equity of Criminal Justice Systems

In our endeavor to transform inequity into justice we confront policies and practices that disproportionately target marginalized populations for discipline, arrest, re-arrest, use of force, and incarceration.

LACCHR is conducting a series of public hearings on policing and human relations to identify needed changes in criminal justice systems in the County. LACCHR staff work directly with administrators, teachers, staff, and students to disrupt the school-to-prision pipeline. And we coordinate the provision of restorative justice mediation as an alternative to traditional prosecution.

Public Hearings

Dispute Resolution Program

  • DRP Fact Sheet
  • DRP Directory
  • Women's Leadership Project (WLP)

  • WLP and YMS Receive LAUSD Human Relations Awards
  • Denim Day (2017)
  • Future of Feminism Youth Conference (2018)
  • Future of Feminism Youth Conference (2017)
  • Media Recognition
  • WLP Highlights
  • WLP Step Forward Campaign
  • WLP Presents at 2018 #RISEUP Conference
  • Young Male Scholars (YMS)

    WLP and YMS Program Highlights (MARCH 2018)

    WLP and YMS Program Highlights (FEBRUARY 2018)

    Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Project

    Strenthening Hate Crime Prevention and Response

    In our endeavor to transform hostility into peace we document hate crime and educate leaders and constituents regarding its incident and impact, and we collaborate with government and community partners for effective prevention and response.

    LACCHR staff coordinates a countywide Network Against Hate Crime that includes government representatives, law enforcement agencies, civil and human rights organizations, educators, faith communities, and service groups. We assembled and continue to support the Hate Violence Prevention Partnership LA that works to reduce and end hate violence by providing practitioners opportunities to share best practices and exchange relevant and timely information. We collaborate with other County departments in designing and delivering training on hate crime, implicit bias, and cultural competence. And we respond to individual requests for assistance as well as outbreaks of intergroup conflict.

    Hate Crime Report

    Network Against Hate Crime

    The Network Against Hate Crime brings together law enforcement agencies, human relations organizations, educators, faith communities, social service and advocacy groups to coordinate efforts to combat intolerance and hate crime.

    Dispute Resolution Program

  • DRP Fact Sheet
  • DRP Directory
  • John Anson Ford Awards

    This is an annual event at which the Commission on Human Relations and the Board of Supervisors honors individuals, organizations and companies that have significantly impacted better human relations for our Los Angeles community.