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Corporate Advisory Committee (CAC)

The Corporate Advisory Committee (CAC), which is comprised of member companies, works with the Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission to address diversity issues, multicultural awareness, and hate incidents in the workplace. Through the CAC, corporate leaders network with each other and with members of the public sector to share ideas about resources, best practices, and intergroup relations issues on the job. The CAC meets on a bimonthly basis and works to support the Commission in attaining its goals through such projects as the development of publications, presentations, and workshops, in addition to both financial and in-kind support of the Commission’s work.

Why Join the CAC ?

As a member of the Commission's Corporate Advisory Committee, your company will join organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to improving intergroup relations. Guest speakers and local corporate leaders will develop leadership that addresses bias and will:

"In 1999, there was a 38.5% increase in hate crimes occurring in places of business... while hate crimes occurring in public locations (historically the largest category) declined by 11.4%. —1999 Hate Crime Report, LA County Human Relations Commission

"A poll conducted by ABC News found that Americans believe racism and prejudice will be the nation's biggest problem in the new millennium - ahead of pollution, violence, over-population, war, immorality and food scarcity." —Race Relations Reporter, January 15, 2000

"If we take action in addressing these issues now, we can create a society based on tolerance, civility and the mutual understanding and acceptance of differences." —Hate Crime and the Business Community, CAC presentation 2000

• Facilitate development of corporate policies that address equity
• Highlight promising practices of its members and the business community
• Update members on changes in the law
• Provide benchmarking opportunities
• Provide opportunities for networking and sharing
• Supply written materials and workshops to assist members
• Focus on hate crimes in the workforce and in the community
• Provide opportunities to contribute to the community
• Educate and update members on current issues

An extensive library of publications, videos, and resources on subjects such as diversity, managing intergroup conflict, and mediation training are available to our business partners. CAC membership provides personal and immediate access to the County Human Relations Commission: its staff, current issues, reports, and publications.

CAC-related publications:

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the following documents.

23 Tips on Cross-Cultural Communication

Day Laborer Hiring Sites: Constructive Approaches to Community Conflict

How to Communicate Better with Clients, Customers, and Workers Whose English is Limited

A Primer on Managing Intergroup Conflict in a Multicultural Workplace

Policy Model: Addressing Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace

Tools for Success Post September 11: Diversity Best Practices Workshop End Report

“. . . But Names Will Never Hurt Me”?: What You Should Know About Hate Talk
This brochure is not currently available in PDF, but can be ordered (pdf) by visiting Our Publications page.

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CAC Fact Sheet [pdf]

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Small Business Application [pdf]

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